瑞安勃多种食品级润滑油产品通过KOSHER认证,这些高品质的润滑油产品可安全用于食品生产加工设备中。KOSHER即犹太洁食认证。 KOSHER又可以理解为:K-Keep保持,O-Our我们,S-Souls灵魂,H-Healthy健康,E-Eat饮食,R-Right得当,即”为了保持我们灵魂健康,饮食要得当”。 以下为相关食品级润滑油产品列表:

Bio-SynXtra high Temperature Oven Lubricant食品级高温润滑油
Bio-Extreme HT Oven Lubricant食品级高温链条油
Bio-Dry Slide食品级干膜润滑剂
Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL)食品级防锈剂
Bio-Food Grade GP Lubricant SAE食品级通用润滑油
Bio-Process Oil食品级处理油
Bio-Food Grade Tacky White食品级润滑油
Bio-FG Hydraulic Fluid食品级液压油
Bio-Food Grade Gear Oil食品级齿轮油
Bio-Food Grade GP Lubricant食品级润滑油
Bio-Aluminum Cutting Oil食品级铝切削油
Bio-Food Grade Chain & Cable Lubricant食品级链条油
Bio-Food Grade Air Tool Lubricant食品级气动工具油

Bio-Food Grade E.P. Grease NLGI食品级润滑脂
Bio-Food Grade Anti-Seize NLGI食品级防卡剂
Bio-Parts Cleaner Degreaser LFLV (Soy Based)食品级零件清洗剂
Bio-SynXtra Super FG Compressor Fluid食品级空压机油
RLI Food Grade Cleaner食品级清洗剂
Bio-SynXtra FG Refrigeration/Compressor Oil食品级冷冻/空压机油
Bio-Food Grade Cutting Oil食品级切削油
Bio-Food Grade Turbine R&O Fluid食品润滑油
Maxxlife Food Grade Grease食品级润滑脂
RLI Synthetic HTLT食品级高温润滑脂




DONATOS,美国著名的比萨供应商,总部位于美国俄亥俄州,由Donatos比萨、180建连锁餐厅和产品零售店,Jane’s面包食品,一个比萨饼和面团产品制造厂。公司年销售额超过USD10M,2010年预计达到20M美元销售额。该工厂2009年生产的比萨饼超过150万,2010年将超过230万个。2009 年生产的面团在1070万磅,而2010年将达到1540万磅,目前的生产能力为5百万个比萨和2600万磅的面团。

2009年开始使用合成润滑油并取得了良好的效果,但是DONATOS并没有就此停止,2010年,他们停止使用合成润滑油,而全面采用了生物基食品级润滑油。自从工厂使用生物基的润滑油脂后,没有出现轴承或齿轮箱故障,无故障运行时间、润滑油寿命及零件寿命仍然在不断刷新旧的标准。 一般零件以前使用500至1000小时后换油,而现在是2000到3000小时,而且仍然没有问题。用油的种类也大大减少,降低了管理成本。



– RLI生物食品级齿轮油(ISO32-460),用于齿轮和直角齿轮箱

– RLI生物食品级通用润滑油(SAE 20,NSFH1、3H),用于各种应用

– BPL食品级渗透润滑剂(NSF H1,H2),用于润滑和防腐蚀

– RLI生物食品级极压润滑脂(NLGI #0,#1,#2),用于食品加工和包装机械






striking oil
Farm couple’s business slides past petroleum

Story by Seth Teter | Photos by Bryan Rinnert

Before oil prices flirted with $150 per barrel, and before “go green” became the mantra of so many marketing campaigns, Bill and Jackie Garmier were getting the wheels turning.

Bill was a whiz in the industrial lubricants industry and Jackie shared his entrepreneurial spirit. In the early 1990s, the Portage County farm couple began exploring ways to make lubricating oils that were both environmentally friendly and derived from domestic, renewable sources.

“We’re agricultural people, so this made good sense,” Bill said.

A Department of Defense contract to create a homegrown oil product put things into motion, and the couple launched their business, Renewable Lubricants Inc.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of skepticism,” Bill said of his effort to offer alternatives to petroleum. “We pioneered this more or less.”

But when a champion drag racer blew past the competition with corn oil in his engine, many skeptics got on board. From the beginning, it has been a similar process of critics becoming believers as Renewable Lubricants continued its research and development of earth-friendly products.

“We know we have to compete with high-quality petroleum products,” said Jackie, the company president.

It seems they are up to the challenge. Renewable Lubricants offers more than 150 biobased and biodegradable products that are used worldwide in everything from high-tech submarines to high-performance engines. The oil comes from crops such as corn, soybeans, sunflowers and canola. The company now boasts that it is the world leader in its industry.

“What better business could you be in that helps the environment, that helps farmers,” Jackie said.

Lubricating oils are a 16-billion-gallon per year market, so there is plenty of room to grow, Bill said. And when oil prices spiked last year, it got everyone’s attention.

“We have people that call in and say ‘Enough is enough, we have to look for alternatives,’” he said.

The couple also cites an estimate that 100 million gallons of lubricating and hydraulic oils are leaked into the environment each year. Garbage trucks, for example, are prone to leak hydraulic oil and clean-up can be expensive, Jackie said. But a switch to a biodegradable product could ease this problem.

Municipalities and park departments across the nation are among those making the switch to Renewable Lubricants either on a test-basis or full scale. The local transit authority is also on board. The Garmiers even specially formulated a hydraulic fluid for the BMW Oracle regatta racing team. Now they are focused on swaying the state of Ohio to take steps to becoming a little greener.

“We’d like Ohio to become the renewable, green jewel of the Northeast,” Jackie said.

Earlier this year, the Ohio Department of Agriculture celebrated Ohio Agriculture Day at the Garmiers’ farm, and Department Director Robert Boggs called their operation “a shining example of how traditional agriculture fits into our nation’s overall movement to meet our ever-growing demands for fuel, energy, and other petroleum-based products.”

The Garmiers say the most satisfying part of what they do is being able to help others.

“It’s been a fun business to be in because it’s clean, it’s helping our agricultural side, it’s keeping our money at home,” Bill said.

As concerns about the environment and foreign oil seem be increasing, the Garmiers say they are well-positioned to provide solutions.

“We believe the business is really going to explode,” Jackie said.

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The Department of Defense, DefenseLogistics Agency (DLA) and National DefenseCenter for Energy and Environment (NDCEE)won the 2011 Center for Environmental Innovation and Leadership’s “Inauguration Award” for their Green Product Evaluation and Demonstration Program. Pictured fromleft to right are: Mike Pipan, DLA Headquarters; Calvin Lee, DLA Aviation; James Reed, DLA Headquarters; Dave Asiello, Office ofthe Deputy Under Secretary of Defense forInstallations & Environment; George Handy, NDCEE / CTC; Hershell E. Wolfe, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Environment, Safely and Occupational Health and NDCEE Executive Agent.









NOAA的五大湖环境研究实验室(GLERL)马斯基和密歇根州安阿伯的设施,设置“绿色船舶倡议经营作为其主要目标完全石油的船只。”在倡议中所使用的船只是在联邦舰队先上运行的B100。 “我们是100%的生物基,”丹尼斯·多纳休说GLERL。 “我们的车队发起生物柴油逐步由船。在我们的实验室,还有约40艘船参与绿色船舶倡议。”

一直在海洋应用中使用生物燃料的GLERL的研究的重点之一。多纳休和公司所有的处理和后勤问题,涉及生物柴油,如低温流动性、存储稳定性和市场供应,取得了宝贵的经验。 “当我们刚开始在产品有显着增加,”多纳休说。 “在密歇根州需要的B100的2号柴油第二天就可以交付,是整个国家最丰富的。”这可以归结为B20的需求增加和生产能力的增长,这也有助于降低成本,创造增加分销网络。目前,GLERL使用Crystal Flash公司的生物柴油。





瑞安勃润滑油公司(Renewable Lubricants,Inc)在俄亥俄州,一直供应船舶可降解的液压油、传动液和其他可再​​生的机械润滑油,保持船的平稳运行。使在船上用可生物降解的植物油,像曲轴箱油、齿轮箱和液压系统,可以提供额外泄漏或其他意外泄漏事件对环境的保护水平。 “他们开发的,我们在参与使用的柴油发动机机油,” 多纳休说。“他们也有一个后勤和技术支持方案,对我们非常重要。”

瑞安勃,利用大豆、油菜籽、葵花籽和玉米油生产机械用的液体,在设计到生产到使用需要一步步进行实验和测试,以确保道路上车辆或船只从矿物油转换到可再生润滑油过程是简单的,RLI副总裁William·Garmier说 。 “我们注重兼容性,我们希望我们的客户不需要为了转换做重大的冲洗。我们没有任何重大的工作通过他们去做。”

因为在使用生物柴油感兴趣的公司有可能接受其他可再生能源产品,海洋产业已迅速成为市场的热点。 “水周围的城市和其他地区一直在非常积极寻找替代[石油]的产品”Garmier说。 “海洋市场正变得对我们非常好。”

所有这些产品都经过了严格的测试,性能相当于石油同类产品,多纳休说。 “这些都是不能出错、不能失败的系统,”Garmier说。 “如果这些NOAA天气船舶在海上,系统发生故障、失效,而风暴来了,他们需要得到回港,那后果不堪设想。”

生物柴油B100配合生物基润滑油运行性能超过了优于传统产品。值得注意的是,生物柴油的清洁剂效果导致手工清洗需要更少的停机时间,多纳休说。总的来说,生物柴油作为一种溶剂的素质作出了贡献改进燃料系统维护,从而导致发动机性能更好。完全可再生的润滑油和液体的使用一直以峰值性能运行的船舶,同时提供环保措施对泄漏和泄漏。 “植物油将无法在高性能应用中使用的旧观念,被证明是错误的,”Garmier说。

(Biodiesel Magazine)


BARC获得白宫“Closing Circle Award”奖

美国白宫closing circle环境奖


U.S. Department of Agriculture Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) employees won the White House Closing Circle Award in 2002 for their environmental efforts that included extensive use of biobased products. Several BARC employees were on “Team Biodiesel” that garnered the same award in 2001 for their initiatives to use and promote biodiesel.

美国农业部Beltsville农业研究中心(BARC)员工赢得美国白宫Closeing Circle Award奖项。


Pictured Rocks国家公园获得白宫“Closing Circle”奖



Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore staff received theprestigious White House Closing Circle award in 2002 for their many environmental efforts, including use of biobased products.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore国家公园员工由于他们对环景作出的贡献而获得白宫Closing Circle Award奖项,他们使用了瑞安勃的生物基润滑油取代石油基产品。





据统计, 在北美每年有超过1亿加仑的润滑油从液压机械和其他润滑设备泄漏出来,这些润滑油的泄漏将会对敏感地区的环境长期造成负面影响。

2002年美国农业安全法案授权政府机构必须优先购买对环境安全的生物基(植物油)润滑油(BioPreferred)。 这给润滑油制造商在润滑油配方上面要求保持性能水平的同时挑战极限,实现最终生物降解。

瑞安勃润滑油与雪佛龙菲利浦化学有限公司共同研究的解决方案,特别设计结合Synfluid™高品质聚α(PAOs)与生物基础油和添加剂,传统的液压油是不能够自然降解,而我们新开发的这个新配方系统达到了最终生物降解级别(ASTM D5864 – PW1),甚至改进了原有性能参数,性能达到了合成油的水平,突破了以前没有尝试过的盲点。